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Image of Valkyrie

Valkyrie jewelry is inspired in Nordic mythology (Norse). Valkyries were the warriors of Odin, who select the Heroes slain on the battle and take them to Valhalla, the Odin´s heaven. Brave, fearless, confident and courageous not less beautiful, magical and marvelous. They were heroines, lovers, protectors, rebels, goddess and free spirits.

The hanger symbolizes a Valkyrie´s heart, straits lines, sharp corners give an defiant look, but sensitive eyes can discover how the natural wood materialize the honest and noble inside of every woman´s heart, giving a warming and enchanting touch .

A woman´s heart can be strong and tough in the beginning but honest and loyal if know how to look inside. Different colors for every unique kind of woman. Find the color of your heart, and take your hero to Valhalla!